Our Services

We assist individuals and families, of all ages from pregnancy to the elderly, and of all shapes and sizes. We work together to create a more energetic, confident and most importantly, healthier you!

One-on-one individual consultation (up to 1hr)
Having your 1:1 nutrition coach allows us to tailor an individual program that is just right for you. During our initial consultation we will discuss in detail your current diet, lifestyle and any medical conditions. We will set health and nutrition goals together. You will receive a personalised eating plan including written nutrition information to take home. We ensure any recommendations fit your lifestyle and are flexible enough for you to enjoy and persist with. No fad diets here!

Review consultation (up to 30 minutes)
During a review consultation, we will assess your progress and modify your meal plan accordingly. We will provide ongoing support, motivation and education to achieve your health and nutrition goals for as long as this takes.

Bring a buddy – 2 people with like minded health goals (up to 1.5hrs)
Bring a friend/sister/brother/partner/parent etc with a like minded health goal and help support each other to ensure success. Combine your consultation with a buddy to save money and have the extra motivational support

Weight Loss Nutrition Package
Includes 1 x initial consultation (50 minutes) including;
• Measurements (weight, body mass index and waist circumference)
• Diet history
• Goal setting
• Dietary and lifestyle education and recommendations

Includes 4 x review consultations (30 minutes each) – conducted weekly or fortnightly to keep you motivated and on track, including;
• Support, education and motivation
• Meal planning
• Label reading
• Quick nutritious recipe and meal ideas
• Shopping list and food budgeting

Fridge and Pantry Audit – we come to you!
Popular for the whole family. We visit you in the convenience of your own home and audit your pantry, fridge and freezer. We guide you on healthy food choices, offer meal planning, recipe ideas, label reading, create shopping lists together and provide food budgeting advice. We visit you again (usually two weeks later) to check your progress and provide further education and support.

Computerised dietary analysis of a 4 day food record
For clients who love numbers and graphs to motivate and are focussed on exact macro or micro nutrients of the diet. We use the latest dietary software (Foodworks) to analyse a four day food diary and provide feedback on how to improve during two face-to-face consultations.

Group Educations
Coming soon. Register your interest now!

Gift Certificates
A unique and fantastic idea for birthdays, staff incentives, anniversaries or a general thank you. Improve the health of someone you love! Call today to purchase a gift certificate.